Bruno Tiribilli

Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi del CNR

Via Madonna del Piano 10, Sesto Fiorentino

50019 Firenze (Italy)

Tel. +39 055 522 6680 ( 6640 Lab)

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Bruno Tiribilli graduated in physics at the University of Florence in 1985, with a thesis on holographic moirè topography. In 1987, he joined Officine Galileo as system engineer of the Space Department, where he was responsible of the design and construction of optoelectronic systems for satellite attitude sensors. In 1989 he became optics specialist at the post graduated School of Optics. In 1990 he became a researcher at National Institute of Optics, his activities concerned the design and realization of optical instruments for scientific and industrial application. read more

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new deadline: 31 december 2020

Dear Colleagues

Like many other activities, research has been interrupted by the lock-down imposed in many countries in response to the recent COVID-19 epidemic. Researchers still work in difficult and unusual conditions, while access to office and laboratories is severely limited to avoid health risks. Opening of academic and research facilities appears to be a slow process for the coming months. We believe that an extension of the deadline for submission would be helpful for authors who are going to restart their work and preparing their contributions over the coming months.

The new deadline for this special issue is December 31, 2020.

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Recent publications

Simone Berneschi, Andrea Barucci, Francesco Baldini, Franco Cosi, Franco Quercioli, Stefano Pelli, Giancarlo C Righini, Bruno Tiribilli, Sara Tombelli, Cosimo Trono, Ambra Giannetti

Optical Fibre Micro/Nano Tips as Fluorescence-Based Sensors and Interrogation Probes

Optics 1 (2), 213-242 (2020)

Marzia Vasarri, Matteo Ramazzotti, Bruno Tiribilli, Emanuela Barletta, Carlo Pretti, Nadia Mulinacci, Donatella Degl’Innocenti

The In Vitro Anti-amyloidogenic Activity of the Mediterranean Red Seaweed Halopithys Incurva

Pharmaceuticals 13 (8), 185 (2020)

doi: 10.3390/ph13080185

Maja Colautti, Pietro E Lombardi, Marco Trapuzzano, Francesco S Piccioli, Sofia Pazzagli, Bruno Tiribilli, Sara Nocentini, Francesco S Cataliotti, Diederik Wiersma, Costanza Toninelli

Front Cover: A 3D Polymeric Platform for Photonic Quantum Technologies

Advanced Quantum Technologies 3 (7), 2070071 (2020)

DOI: 10.1002/qute.202070071

Caterina Credi, Olga Bibikova, Caterina Dallari, Bruno Tiribilli, Fulvio Ratto, Sonia Centi, Roberto Pini, Viacheslav Artyushenko, Riccardo Cicchi, Francesco Saverio Pavone

Fiber-cap biosensors for SERS analysis of liquid samples

J. Mater. Chem. B (2020)

DOI: 10.1039/C9TB01866B

A. Vestri, G. Margheri, E. Landini, E. Meacci and B. Tiribilli

A versatile and compact surface plasmon resonance spectrometer based on single board computer

Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 013106 (2020)


Bruno Tiribilli, Michele Basso, Franco Quercioli, Massimo Vassalli

Optical refraction with a toy robot

Physics Education 54 (6), 065013 (2019)


DOI: 10.1088/1361-6552/ab3e25

demo video on youtube

Giancarlo Margheri, Bruno Tiribilli, Silvana Trigari, Massimo Vassalli

Switchable Lensed Linear Micro Axicon in Plasmonic Structures for All Optical Light Processing

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2019

DOI: 10.1109/LPT.2019.2934583

Mareš J, Johansen JR, Hauer T, Zima J, Ventura S, Cuzman O, Tiribilli B, Kaštovský J.

Taxonomic resolution of the genus Cyanothece (Chroococcales, Cyanobacteria), with a treatment on Gloeothece and three new genera, Crocosphaera, Rippkaea, and Zehria.

Journal of Phycology, 2019